A Viable SIP Solution

Enterprises are finding that multimedia communications and business processes supported by Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) software as a service (SaaS) are a viable platform for voice and video platforms, especially at www.IntelePeer.com. SIP uses established protocols (HTTP and HTML). Ready integration of SIP makes it the most sought after application for communications systems integration on the market.

More tools available to SIP users such as instant messaging, web conferencing and data exchange make real time IP communication platforms an optimum interface for SOAP and XML. Due to the fact that the open standard protocol is easier for enterprise systems integration, SIP is the most sought after converged voice and multimedia SaaS deployed in eCommerce. Adaptability to mobile devices makes SIP the ultimate in portability.

Building network capacity with SIP Trunking improves the return on investment (ROI) of voice services so that businesses add value to existing PBX systems. Trunking leverages unused bandwidth so that data and voice converge in a single network. A series of SIP signaling messages exchanged between PBX or UC system… Continue reading

What Is Bare Metal Backup?

Bare metal backup, simply put, is a type of data recovery that uses an image to recover your entire system, operating system and all. This is preferred by many sysadmins because it means that they can create a complete snapshot (or “image”) of everything currently on a workstation or server, OS included. This means that if a server crashes fatally and cannot be recovered, a recent backup can be up and running in as little as 15 minutes without the need to configure and install the operating system, its updates and depending on the role, settings, users, group policies and so on.

Many administrators set up commercial software, like at www.vaultscape.com to capture total backups because of the digital rights management present on Microsoft Server OS – Linux OS don’t have this issue. This commercial software can backup and restore the OS without a hitch because the coders have access to confidential code that allows the software to store licensing information. These total system images can be saved on local external drives, tape… Continue reading

Web Hosting 101

Martha requires a site to display her jewelry crafts. Richard requires a site to advertise his woodworking business. Fran owns an Interior Decorating Firm and would like to advertise her firm on the Internet. All these people have something in common. They require a web hosting company to display their content online. The World Wide Web is a huge place. Web companies provide a space on the Internet for people to discover an individuals, group, or business content.

There are numerous web hosting packages that are available to host and share content. There are free web hosting services for those who are just getting started on the Internet, but their services are limited in scope. Reseller partner programs are worth considering for many new to the Internet. The Reseller programs help them to achieve the most on the Internet in terms of profits and establishing a presence.

Many are interested in Cloud Hosting. Cloud hosting is causing a small revolution among web hosting companies on the Internet. Why? Cloud hosting provides plenty of uptime. There… Continue reading

Moving into Cloud Communications

Moving into cloud communications means moving storage from areas like local computer networks and local hard drive storage onto a third party system that is located outside of your normal network and are accessible on the public web space. With this move onto the web, data and telecommunications are becoming much more accessible and easy to get to from any digital device. SIP trunking is a media service accessed through digital streaming and works as a Voice Over Internet Protocol. Working with SIP trunking in cloud communications allows two domains to connect via an Internet Protocol (IP).

Cloud communications is becoming very popular and contacting others via the cloud is becoming a daily occurrence in not only a business setting, but also in a social and home setting. Cloud communications allows registered providers to get data and voice services out to, usually subscribed and paying, customers who can then access this cloud on the servers. Cloud communications is made possible by Cloud Computing which is a type of networking and computing where all of the… Continue reading

What are your data backup solutions?

Data backup solutions such as online data backup with Vault Scape can help individual computer users and businesses maintain control of their data. Many businesses and individuals use onsite methods such as additional hard drives to backup data. As we all know, sometimes, life intrudes on our best intentions and can completely destroy a person’s important work and records. A flood or other natural disaster can ruin an onsite computer or external hard drive and destroy a business overnight. Even something as simple as a system crash could erase years of financial information and valuable customer contact records. Businesses should make their data recovery plan before it is needed.

Online data backup solutions like VaultScape allow companies or individuals to securely backup their laptops and PC’s. Internet backup allows access to critical files and documents from any location that has Internet access. It is extremely important to have access to your offsite files from any location. In the event of a computer failure the process of rebuilding data must be as seamless as possible.… Continue reading

Looking for a Toll Free Provider

When it comes to running the customer service side of your business, it is important to make sure you have the proper toll free services for your clients to utilize. This doesn’t mean you necessarily need to cut your current services though, you just need to know whether or not your current provider can provide the toll free service solution you require to keep your clients happy and business running smoothly. With IntelePeer there are many different telephony solutions and services available.

IntelePeer, a premier SIP trunk provider has expanded their product offering to include toll free services. With the success of SIP communications a new arena of toll services has opened up to include VoIP or IP toll free services as well. Visiting http://www.intelepeer.com/toll-free you will get an idea of just how IntelePeer differentiates themselves from their competition.

If your business utilizes the services of a SIP provider then should be able to leverage your existing infrastructure to implement VoIP or IP toll free solutions. If you are looking to upgrade your current telephony… Continue reading

IT Training

Taking the initiative in your own life and career to continue to develop requires passion and drive to want to become better every day. At www.learnit.com, they know the IT arena is always improving because of the rapid advancement in technology. This is one reason why technical training Learn iT! offers is a must.

Personal Computers and technical training have changed people’s lives. Learn iT! is just one example of a company who is making a difference. Technical training is becoming more and more prominent with the increased need for IT professionals. With offerings in Cisco, SQL server, SharePoint training and much more the only other component is the desire for personal and career development.

It may be appropriate to say every person has a PC or in some cases a Mac in their home. If they do not own one, then they definitely have access to one. Whether you own one or not a PC or Mac will prove handy and due to Smartphones and tablets—not to mention laptops, access to a computer is… Continue reading

SharePoint Solution Raises the Efficiency of Your Company

SharePoint Hosting

A lot of companies provide SharePoint hosting nowadays. Each of the company presents its own features and services to ensure that consumers would jump into their offer. Most often, website owner who aspires to get on top in the business world would certainly do what it takes to achieve a successful business. If you are one of those aspiring business owners, you must not miss reading this article.


Generally, a business is expected to have a busy atmosphere. Remember, almost every single minute, a busy business is obliged with different transactions and responsibilities. Sharing, updating of information as well as dealing emergencies, to name a few, are some of those occurring business transactions and responsibilities. The issue is how can you accomplish business transactions if you aren’t linked or can’t be connected all the time? Is it possible to accomplish all your business obligations without getting linked with your business organization? Could you get aware of recent business matters if you are not linked with your business group? Of course not! If… Continue reading

What Can Cisco Certification Do For Me?

What Does a Cisco CCIE Certification Mean to Your Career?

A Cisco CCIE Certification is one of the highest verification standards for IT professionals who specialize in the area of networking. The certification requires you to be knowledgeable and skilled with the most sophisticated details of end-to-end networking, and holding such a certification warrants the fact to your potential audience, that you have attained mastery in the field of networking. Given how rare this certification is in the global IT industry, with merely 15,000 IT CCIIE certified professionals around the world, there is no surprise that you will have almost no competition when you are able to attain this certification.


Since CCIE is one of the most sophisticated end-to-end networking certification standards available, it verifies that a network professional is capable of handling very detailed and complicated challenges of networking. CCIE further specializes into various aspects of networking, so you can develop and prove your expertise in any one area, such as Service Provider Operations, Security or Routing and Switching. This will narrow you… Continue reading

Microsoft Office Courses From Home

Getting Microsoft Office Specialist Training

Whether looking to advance in your current company, apply for a better position, or get started in the business world, it’s very valuable to be a MOS. MOS (sometimes MOUS) stands for Microsoft Office Specialist, which is an in-depth certification provided by Microsoft. . . and being one can set you apart in a very competitive job market. Having Microsoft Office Specialist certification doesn’t just look good on your resume– the skills you will learn will help you to be more efficient and knowledgeable in your day to day work. Whether you’re an Administrative Assistant or a Database Manager or a Teacher, MOS training and certification can streamline your working methods.

In order to receive your Microsoft Office Specialist certification, you must pass one of the Office Specialist exams. You can choose to take the exams for the entire Office suite, or for only the program you need at the time. The exams themselves can be taken at computer learning centers, community colleges and universities, and even office supply stores… Continue reading

SQL Server Classes and Tutorials

The Basics of SQL Training

Whether you are interested in Exchange training or SQL training you will need to take a course in order to learn more about the program. It is really quite easy to get involved in SQL training. In fact, it is probably a lot easier than you imagined. SQL server training is necessary for people who are not well versed in this. Fortunately, taking a class online or following a tutorial at your own speed is really easy and it is highly recommended.


A tutorial is great in the fact that they are easy to understand and most of the instructions are quite easy to follow. Most of the tutorials have an online SQL interpreter to help you out as you practice. Once you begin practicing and submitting SQL demands you will receive the results immediately. The tutorial will show you how to create your own tables and you will also be able to perform deletes, updates, selects, inserts, as well as drops in your tables. The introductory tutorials will… Continue reading

.Net Training Options For All Levels

Choosing the Right Source to Get Trained For MCSD .NET Certification


MCSD.NET certification exam is one of the advanced level certifications meant for developers who are into designing and developing a range of enterprise solutions employing Microsoft development tools and the Microsoft.NET Framework across a range of platforms. The MCSD.NET certification process assesses your capabilities learned through .Net classes and work exprience in building distributed, web-based and commercial applications by making use of Microsoft products including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft component services, and Microsoft Visual Studio.NET.


The process of getting MCSD.NET certified is not that difficult. But the benefits of achieving this certification cannot be overstated. The certification helps in reaching the winning edge to be in an advantageous position to attract prospective employers in addition to enjoying highly paid jobs. Some of the leading job roles for MCSD certified professionals include software developer, web developer, software engineer, software architect, systems analyst, application developer, and senior systems analyst.

There are a few points you need to know to get MCSD.NET certified… Continue reading

Why Should I Switch To Microsoft Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange Hosting

Ultimate Solution for Corporate Mailing Needs

Modern day businesses rely too much upon emails. The whole correspondence, work assignments, updates and every other message is delivered through emails. With regular web mail offered with website hosting is not capable of serving enhanced business email solutions. Organizations have also realized that leaving all their emails on normal servers is not a good idea. Using traditional web email solutions they were also lacking several revolutionary features being offered nowadays.


Organizations now realize that migrating from traditional email solutions and setting up their own email server, its maintenance and managing other security and update issues is a time consuming, cumbersome and expensive task. Therefore, they are now switching to more advanced and feature rich Microsoft Exchange Hosting Solutions.


What’s Special in Microsoft Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange specially designed and developed to simply corporate communication needs. It provides messaging as well as collaborative services to enhance the overall communication experience.

After implementing MS Exchange hosting services (www.paypercloud.com), emails contacts, calendar and other data… Continue reading

Communication Solutions That Don’t Break the Bank

Businesses wanting to maintain a SIP trunking communication solution and a high level of operational capacity usually replace their electronics and software every 3 to 5 years. For fibre optic structured cabling, due to sizable investment costs, network cabling is expected to last much longer. For businesses looking to update their fibre optic network cabling, they should take into consideration not only their current requirements but the needs that will arise with growth and the advent of new technology.

Current network data centres are using or are looking to get to upgrade to speeds of 10-Gigabit Ethernet (GbE). OM3 optical fiber and Category 6A copper cabling are rated for these speeds within a business environment.


For network data centers operating at speeds of 1 0/1 00/1,000 Mbps today, Category 6 fibre optic cables represent the minimum level of cabling needed to function. However, if a business is looking to upgrade their network infrastructure to support 10GBASE-T within the next 5 years, then putting in a higher-bandwidth Category 6A cabling would be the… Continue reading

Corporate IT Training Solutions.

Corporate Training Increases Overall Productivity

Corporate training is a vast term which refers to all types of training that are required to increase the overall productivity of an organization. It is normally conducted within the corporate environment. These types of training differ in every organization depending upon the requirements and strategies.


For example: An organization may require customer service training whereas other corporation may need technology training to improve the efficiency of their employees.

However, there are certain crucial and basic trainings that may be required for every corporation. IT training is one of the most important aspects of every organization these days.

There are various types of programs which are designed to provide IT training to the corporate employees. They provide certification on completion of the training. The company bears the expenses incurred for such type of employee training.


What is Certification?

Certification basically means a credential earned by an individual on completion of course. It is given only when you pass the examination. It is widely used for mastering the new… Continue reading

Visual Basic Programming Versus Visual C Sharp

Reasons to use Visual C#


There are a few good reasons to use Visual C# before VB:

  • If you already know Java or C++, you’re going to find learning C# quicker than learning VB
  • There’s less typing involved (VB commands are generally shorter)
  • There are slightly more examples on the Internet to do with Visual Basic than there are to do with C#

On the other hand, there are lots of reasons why you should be using Visual Basic, listed below.

Reasons to use Visual Basic

This isn’t a comprehensive list (you can see the blog linked to below for a fuller discussion), but it’s a good starter.

First and foremost you have to Learn it, Visual Basic commands are easier to read. Consider these two commands:

  1. IF txtProduct.Text = “” Then txtProduct.Visible = False
  2. if (txtProduct.Text=””) { txtProduct.Visible = False }

Which seems more readable to you? I’d plump for the first one every time. VB involves more typing, but the Intellisense provided with Visual Studio makes this more bearable, and the resulting… Continue reading

Is CCNA Boot Camp Worth The Trouble

Cisco Certifications For Networking Professionals

In order to achieve the second tier of the Cisco Pyramid, one needs to pass the Cisco training courses and Certifications for Network Professionals exam. This exam will prove that a network professional will be able to install, configure, and troubleshoot converged local and wide area networks with one hundred to five hundred or more nodes. They will also be able to manage routers and switches that are part of the network core, along with edge applications that integrate voice, wireless and security into the network. One needs to pass a total of four tests to achieve this title and they will need to renew this certification every three years.


If you are having trouble passing these required tests or just need some extra help, many websites offer a CCNP boot camp which is usually a rigorous and effective course that will improve your chances of passing the test with ease. These classes are no joke and can last from eight AM in the morning to late into… Continue reading